What if “TERMINATOR GENISYS” was a gory Rated R?

Once in a while we get surprises in our e-mail inbox, and today was one of those days. Have you ever wondered what the battle-damaged 1984 “young Arnold” Terminator would have looked like in the 2015 film Terminator Genisys, if the movie was Rated R instead of PG-13? Well wonder no longer Terminator fans!

A special effects artist (whom obviously is also a Terminator fan) rose up to the challenge and was awesome enough to take the time to add some extra blood and gore to a couple “young Arnold” clips!

Terrific, right? Maybe the most fantastic change of all is not the addition of blood and gore inserted into this scene where the T-1000 reactivates the dead T-800 Model 101 with a drop of liquid metal. No, it’s the digital addition of the young Arnold’s nose (that is frustratingly absent from the prosthetic dummy used in the film!)

Can someone at Skydance please hire this effects creator to do an unrated version of “Terminator Genisys”, or at least bring the person in to fix the nose?

Although it’s darker than the screenshots above, check out the bloodier T-800 Model 101 in action in the video below:

Thanks to Алексей for sending this to us, as well as the unknown visual effects artist that did such a great job!

We’ll be back.


One thought on “What if “TERMINATOR GENISYS” was a gory Rated R?”

  1. That was amazing, wasn’t expecting a video in motion. Truly skilful the artist behind this. So a single person can fix the missing nose but an entirely paid CGI team cant? Paramount should stop been cheap really, fix this problem, and yes while there at it released an R rated version.


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