Taking a closer look at the art for “THE TERMINATOR: THE OFFICIAL BOARD GAME”!

Dave Youkovich is an illustrator that specialises in game and cover art (for books and comics) and excels in the “realm of the weird, dark and twisted.” Dave was hired as the lead Illustrator for The Terminator: The Official Board Game that our Army of Terminator fans successfully crowd funded. With the board game tentatively scheduled to come out late this year, buyers of the game will be treated to Dave’s Terminator artwork, who was not only in charge of the main card art, but the board art and cartography (map drawing) as well!

With a little bit of digging we were able to find Dave’s artwork for “The Terminator: The Official Board Game” on his website, making us fortunate to be able to share with you a closer look at his great work:

Sarah Connor:

Kyle Reese:

The Terminator:

Lt. Ed Traxler:



1984 Game Board Locations:

2029 Game Map:

Back of Game Box:

We’ll be back!


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