T6 NEWS & RUMORS: Hirings, a contract dispute with Arnold and more!

While Terminator fans eagerly await for Skydance & Paramount to officially announce their production schedule and release date for Terminator 6, our e-mail inbox has recently received some interesting informational tidbits about the next anticipated installment in our favorite franchise!  With some of this information received being verified news, and some of it being unsubstantiated rumors, it would be a dereliction of our duties not to report everything we have learned to our Army… especially when fans are hungering for new information about T6!

So without further ado, here are some News and Rumors about TERMINATOR 6:

NEWS: Paramount Chief Jim Gianopulos says T6 will take the Terminator franchise to “the next level“!

Speaking recently at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Media Communications Conference, longtime friend of James Cameron and newly crowned Paramount chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos spoke at the conference and talked about making successful sequels while specifically mentioning “Terminator 6”!

With regard to sequels in general, Gianopulis said “You can’t just do the next one. You have to take advantage of the affection equity [that audiences have for a movie], but you also have to give audiences something fresh and new.”.  When he referred to Terminator 6 specifically, Gianopulis said that T6 “will take (Terminator) to the next level!” 

The next level?  Well, we’re excited!

RUMOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger wants more money than he’s being offered.

Recently we were contacted by someone who claims to be ‘in the know’ in regards to the behind closed doors development of Terminator 6 and they claimed that contract negotiations between Skydance and Arnold Schwarzenegger started several weeks ago… but there is a problem: “Arnold wants to be paid more than he is being offered“. 

Could this be true? Maybe? Everyone wants to be paid more, especially Arnold Schwarzenegger…. but is this something to worry about? Or could this be a result of just the normal give and take that takes place during contract negotiations before a final negotiated amount has been agreed upon? That sounds more likely.

However, this rumored contract disagreement could explain why when James Cameron was asked a couple of weeks ago to confirm Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in T6, James Cameron would not confirm it, but rather said: “Well, that would be up to him.

NEWS: Freddy Bouciegues will be the Stunt Coordinator for “TERMINATOR 6”.

Justice League stunt and fight coordinator Freddy Bouciegues has included the “Untitled Terminator Reboot” in his upcoming resume.

This hiring might not mean that much to Terminator fans, but it is still good to hear that deals for T6 are currently being negotiated and struck behind closed doors.

RUMOR: The next Terminator film may not have the word “Terminator” in its title.

Until the next Terminator film gets a title, we will forever be calling it “Terminator 6”. But we received an e-mail recently from someone claiming the final film title might not have the word “Terminator” in its name at all.  What?

So do we believe that?  We honestly find it very doubtful, however we have seen franchise marquee names like Batman and Superman be excluded from film titles before (in “The Dark Knight” and “Man of Steel” respectively.)  Could the next Terminator film be titled simply something like “Judgment Day”? We guess it’s possible! And a different take on its title could help define to audiences that this new Terminator film is fresh and different from the others before it.

Well that’s it Terminator fans! Be sure to take the rumors portion of this article with a grain of salt unless otherwise confirmed!

We’ll be back!


One thought on “T6 NEWS & RUMORS: Hirings, a contract dispute with Arnold and more!”

  1. Absolutely, the new film should not have terminator in its title, something fresh needs to be done. When you read a title like Batman, it sounds and seems childish while, The Dark Knight has this mature presence surrounding the title. While no doubt the title terminator is recognisable the last three entries haven’t been able to pass the half a billion box office mark and well T2 did. A new title will sound new and fresh think of something like Prometheus Vs Alien Covenant ? which film was bigger ?

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