Arnold will play a TERMINATOR in T6, the very same T-800 from T2!

Last night at the Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles, California, the creator of the Terminator franchise James Cameron sat on stage with his friend and “Deadpool” director Tim Miller to discuss their future plans for an untitled new Terminator film we like to call Terminator 6. While the majority of the bullet points were covered within the Hollywood news feed… Linda Hamilton returns, Tim Miller directs,  James Cameron produces (all reported HERE)… there was a bombshell involving Arnold Schwarzenegger that was all but ignored by the media. Luckily for Terminator fans however, one of our Army was actually in sitting in attendance and here is his report:

Per his request, we are withholding his real name and will refer to him as Todd:

So first let’s find out how was the evening’s experience was a whole?

TODD: “It was a great experience. Paramount was hospitable. James Cameron and Miller talked for ~1 hour and then they held the 3D screening (for T2 in 3D) after; Paramount provided popcorn and drinks. (There were) at least 200 people.”

Considering the tickets to this event and screening were free to begin with, we are even more impressed that Paramount also gave out free popcorn and refreshments as well. Nicely done Paramount!

Now let’s find out who else of importance was there, other than James Cameron and Tim Miller.

TODD: “(Paramount Chairman and C.E.O Jim) Gianopolous was there and David Ellison. Cameron and Miller made several references to the role David Ellison played.”

Neither Linda Hamilton nor Arnold Schwarzenegger made an appearance at the Paramount Theater last night, but while Linda’s involvement captured the attention of the media, what Todd learned about Arnold Schwarzenegger was equally exciting.

It appears Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be playing a human in T6, but a Terminator… the T-800 Model 101. And here’s the kicker: Arnold will seemingly be playing the Terminator from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the exact one lowered in the molten steel!

TODD: “(James Cameron) all but confirmed Arnold would be a Terminator. (About his old age) James Cameron said they would “embrace it” meaning the external flesh ages. And he seemed to allude it had aged 30 years as if he had survived T2, but clearly he died at the end. Not sure what to make of that.”

So James Cameron alluded that Arnold Schwarzenegger will play the same T800 Model 101 Terminator that was destroyed at the end of T2.. but this time it will have survived and aged living 30 years later with Sarah Connor in what Cameron called “a contemporary setting.”

So how could that be possible? We are not sure.  James Cameron did mention at the event that “We still fold time. We will have characters from the future and the present.” 

So it appears the new sixth Terminator film with have some mind bending alternate timelines, and one may well be a reality where Sarah Connor and the T-800 Model 101 survived together after the events of T2, and audiences catch up with the aging characters 30 years later. Wow.

A big thanks goes out to Todd.

We’ll be back.


6 thoughts on “Arnold will play a TERMINATOR in T6, the very same T-800 from T2!”

  1. *Head explodes*

    Okay, theorizing time: If time is going to be bent and/or folded, it’s possible that this Uncle Bob came from another timeline where he was not lowered into the steel, and has somehow jumped into the mainstream T2 continuity.

    Either that, or moments after the film ended, Sarah and John decided that they wanted a robot dad, drained the steel, yanked out the half-melted remains of Uncle Bob, and rebuilt him somehow.


    1. The T800 flesh would be completely disintegrated with the inability to regrow. I suggest your alternate timeline theory remains the most likely. Maybe in this new timeline the T1000 successfully kills young John Connor leaving Sarah and the T800 to decide on how to fill the leadership void.


  2. So, just to clarify… I was at this event. James Cameron and Tim Miller made it clear that this was a direct sequel to T2 and the other films don’t exist outside of T1. But, he did not imply in any way that this film’s Terminator is the same “Uncle Bob”. Also, Tim Miller made it clear that there would only be ONE timeline. He was never a fan of there being multiple timelines in the series. He said there is only ONE several times and James concurred.


  3. The T5-genysis terminator was so advanced it could do anything but we didn’t really know it so it didn’t count. The T-1000 was infinitely better than that, even though it had limitations and could be damaged.


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