New Artificial Muscle will make Robots 15 times stronger than Humans.

Yes Terminator fans, the world that James Cameron warned us about took one step closer to becoming non-fiction recently when it was announced that robots could soon be 15 times stronger than humans thanks to a newly developed artificial muscle.

Scientists (who obviously have not taken to heart the dangers the Terminator films have taught us) have created a 3D printing technique to manufacture rubber-like synthetic muscle that could lead to the creation of machines which “make the Terminator look puny”.

The artificial muscle in use. 

This artificial muscle is capable of expanding to nine times its normal size when heated, and has a strain density of 15 times greater than a natural muscle.

Reported in the journal ‘Nature Communications’, this artificial muscle described as a “soft actuator” is able to lift 1,000 times its own weight.

The artificial muscle in its rested and actuated state.

Professor Hod Lipson, from the Creative Machines laboratory at Columbia University in New York, said: “We’ve been making great strides toward making robot minds, but robot bodies are still primitive.

Well now it seems, with this new artificial muscle, that will no longer be the case.

We’ll be back.

One thought on “New Artificial Muscle will make Robots 15 times stronger than Humans.”

  1. Uhm… why exactly do they want to make robots stronger than us? If there’s a malfunction or glitch in a machine that has the strength of 15 people, the consequences could be dire, to say the least.


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