WATCH the entire “TERMINATOR 6” 45 Minute Announcement with James Cameron & Tim Miller!

On Tuesday, September 19th at the Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles, California, Terminator history was made! This is when the creator of the Terminator franchise, James Cameron, marked his return to the universe we know and love by officially announcing his involvement with Terminator 6. While we covered all of the stunning details within our news reports, only approximately 200 people were able to actually witness the filmmakers speak about this new  upcoming Terminator film.  The rest of the Terminator fans had to resort to only reading about it….  until now!

Grab a box of popcorn and your favorite drink and have a seat Terminator fans!  It’s time to watch the entire 45 minute announcement in its entirety! Enjoy!

We’ll be back!


2 thoughts on “WATCH the entire “TERMINATOR 6” 45 Minute Announcement with James Cameron & Tim Miller!”

  1. I think a more elegance way to avoid messy timeline(s) and keep inline with post-end-of-century world would be:
    Reveal how timeline being IN FACT UNCHANGED after Cyberdyne sabotage (similar to Cybernetic Dawn comic), and lead to early future war in T3-equivalent entry.
    The Future War movie we waited in which builing up cross-chronological strategies, possibilities of tactical chrono-deployment DESIGNATED to break the time loop, then eventually goes to how the war end and eventual eradiction of Judgment Day. Spanned across T4, T5 equivalents.

    The reason that multiple timeline being rather weak is: in original future, humanity defeats skynet under Connor in one-in-a-billion chance, that’s the whole point why Skynet would sent Terminators. Thus human victory over multi-timeline sounds simply weak.


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