T2029: Questions are answered about the official T2 Board Game!

A week ago the gaming company Rule & Make launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund T2029, an official “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” board game. Now, a week later and more than 66% funded, the game’s creator Allen Chang distributed via e-mail a list of frequently asked questions that potential backers have been asking about this new proposed T2 game. It is their hope, in clarification of these questions, that the rest of the fans of the Terminator franchise will back their game and complete its funding!

Here are those questions:

Q) This is a big licensed property, surely this will come to retail? Shouldn’t I just wait until it’s out in stores?

A) We believe in the game and are really proud of what we have made. We are committed to giving this project the best chance it has to become a reality. However, your interest in the game will determine its fate, as distributors and retailers will be gauging this campaign as an indicator of whether or not it is worth supporting. If you are interested in the game, please do not hesitate to help make this game a reality.

Q) The campaign seems to have stalled, that’s bad!

A) Yes, it is. We are making adjustments to the campaign to address the feedback we have heard from the community. We are not far from our funding goal and we have some content reveals originally planned for when we fund, however, we will start revealing these sooner than originally scheduled.

Q) Is this an officially licensed game? Do you have your legal ducks in a row?

A) Yes, absolutely. Unlike some Kickstarter campaigns that hope to pay for the license once the campaign funds, Rule & Make has already paid for the full license “minimum guarantee” to secure the IP. The Kickstarter campaign funds that we are seeking does not include the licensing cost we have already paid; it is strictly the amount we need to manufacture the game.

Q) It isn’t really T2 flavoured. It could basically just be a skin applied on the top.

A) We understand that many people are looking for a game that allows them to relive the movie, and this is not that game. From the very beginning, we wanted to create a game that was set in the future, during the final days of the War Against the Machines. This was the pivotal moment that set the Terminator 2: Judgement Day movie into motion in the 1995 timeline. It was also a very fleeting vision of a compelling setting, and we wanted to elaborate on that vision. Every system that we have designed was done in service of the movie’s lore. From the T-1000 infiltration system to Skynet defence hacking and reprogramming the T-800 to travel back in time to protect John Connor, these are all designed specifically to give players the experience of helping to preserve the T2 timeline.

Q) Why didn’t you use the hero images from T2?

A) Our licensor has given us a comprehensive list of approved stills from the movies and we have the ability to use those as part of the game’s hero image. However, our team wanted to do something different compared to other typical licensed games. We wanted to create a vivid representation of the future war and could only achieve this with careful art directed original images; akin to what you might see in the comic book industry. We wanted to expand the richness of the universe, rather than retread familiar ground.

Q) What other content is there besides just the game?

A) We plan to introduce additional play modes as well as limited edition add-on rewards. However, all of this requires the game to fund and enough interest in the project to give us the opportunity to make this additional content happen. We need your support to make all this a reality.

Remember, your credit card will not be charged unless the campaign is successful and the game is officially funded.  So CLICK HERE to check out Rule & Make’s Kickstarter campaign and support the T2029 Official Terminator 2 Board Game today!

We’ll be back.


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