The moment we all dreaded is here. Today is the last day Terminator fans can attend the Universal Studios Orlando, Florida attraction “T2 3-D: Battle Across Time”.  This was the attraction that started it all, and spawned two sister sites in California and Japan (which only the latter in Japan remains.)  This was the first. This was the original. This was the best.

It’s not an easy day for Terminator fans, who have come to consider this attraction an extension of the Terminator universe. It was so meaningful to all of us, it really feels like there was no way we can properly honor it, properly do it justice, no matter what we do or say.

Connor, an actor at “T2 3-D: Battle Across Time” who played the role of the liquid metal assassin T-1000 for 3 years shared his thoughts with us to commemorate this fateful day:

I loved it, some of the best years of my life” Connor revealed. “I loved the intensity of the t-1000 , the character has such a presence on stage, I loved the strong and scary aura around the character.

Even though his term ended a year ago, Connor still feels affected by T2 3-D’s closing. “…it’s impossible to not feel upset about the news just because of all the friends I made there and all of the memories” Connor said. “It’s sad to see terminator go but it had a good run!

We at Skynet’s Army eulogized T2 3-D: Battle Across Time on our podcast. You can find it at the end of our second episode, by clicking HERE.

However, the best way to end this is not with anything we have to say, nor an actor or a Hollywood star, but just a fan of the attraction itself. And there was no better send off pubically put to words than what Abby wrote:

The Terminator 2 show at Universal is my absolute favorite show of any theme park I’ve ever been to, and I’m not kidding. Sadly, it is closing on Sunday. I went to Universal today to literally just see the show over and over again. I saw it a total of 7 times today, and I’m proud to say I can recite the entire pre-show and show. I will miss this show so much, I wish it wasn’t leaving but things change. I’ll miss you, T2.

We’ll be back… but sadly, T2 3-D: Battle Across Time never will.


We’ll miss you.


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