TERMINATOR INTERVIEW: Game designer Ian O’Toole talks “T2029” the official T2 Board Game!

A couple of weeks ago, the gaming company Rule & Make launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund T2029, an official “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” board game! Already an accomplished board game publisher with eight successful tabletop game Kickstarter campaigns, Rule & Make hopes to make their new T2 official board game number nine in their streak of success! With 65% of their project already funded, T2029’s game and graphic design guru Ian O’Toole was nice enough to sit down with us and answer a few of our questions. Here is how it went:

SKYNET’S ARMY: What attracted you to this project?

IAN: Mainly the challenge of capturing those iconic opening scenes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and fleshing them out into a world that players could explore. The team at Rule & Make wanted to expand on the story, rather than retell it, so that was a really exciting idea.

SKYNET’S ARMY: We like the idea that the game feels almost like a prequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. What was your motivation to take the game this direction, versus allowing fans to relive there favorite moments from T2?

IAN: We felt that the 1995 story that the film shows had already been told so well, that simply trying to retell it was likely to come up short. There are also some logistical challenges, from a design perspective, such as a very limited number of characters, and the fact that they have very defined roles in the narrative. We wanted to make a more open experience, to allow players to experience the world for themselves, and give them the freedom to vary that world from game to game.

IAN: (continued) An added bonus was the ability to work with the iconic designs of the Hunter Killer, Tank, and stripped down Endoskeleton that don’t feature in the 1995 portion of the film.

A deadly T-800, HK-Tank and HK-Aerial game piece!

SKYNET’S ARMY: Most board games treat other players as adversaries. But in T2029, you refreshingly work together with other players in a coop style to win the game. What was the inspiration behind this?

WORK TOGETHER! Operator, Hacker, Medic and Strike Leader player boards.

IAN: The game tells the story of the last few hours of John Connor’s fight against Skynet, after he has united mankind and taught them to fight the machines.

An spectacularly sculpted John Connor piece!

IAN: (continued) This is the final push against their common enemy, so it made sense to us that players should be working together. We wanted all players to be able to share in the triumph of setting in motion the events we see in the film itself, if they manage to beat the game of course!

Give the T-800 new directives before sending him back in time to protect the young John Connor. 

SKYNET’S ARMY: What do you feel is the most innovative aspect of the T2029?

IAN: Players need to coordinate their actions to a very high degree, and everybody is involved in every turn, not just their own. When you choose your command dice, you need to take into account your goals for not only your turn, but also your team mates’ turns as well.

IAN: (continued) Decisions that you make will directly affect every other player’s options, and also how vulnerable both you and they will be to infiltration, which makes the T-1000 far more powerful when it appears.

Beware of the infiltration of the T-1000!

We would like to thank Ian O’Toole for taking the time to answer our questions.  

Rule & Make needs your help to make this excellent Terminator 2 board game a reality!  So please CLICK HERE to check out Rule & Make’s Kickstarter campaign and support the T2029 Official Terminator 2 Board Game today!

We’ll be back.


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