Dark Horse releases two original TERMINATOR comic stories in Hardcover!

While Terminator first began its legendary infiltration into comics during the late 1980’s when it was published by NOW Comics, many fans fondly remember when Dark Horse Comics took over in 1990 with their “Tempest” four issue limited run, followed by the single issue “One Shot” released in 1991. Both stories have since been presented in hardcover collections, which are no longer in print and fans had to resort to purchasing used copies on the secondary market… until today!

That’s right! This week they come back in a brand new hardcover book titled The Terminator: The Original Comic Series – Tempest and One Shot. And collected in this volume are The Terminator #1-#4 (”Tempest”) and Terminator: One Shot, by writer James Robinson and artist Matt Wagner!

The Terminator: Tempest is a four-issue comic series set in the months after the events of the classic film “The Terminator”. And while that story occurs after, the second tale titled The Terminator: One Shot picks up in 1984 just before the T-800 Model 101 arrives in “The Terminator”, focusing on a female T-800.

So be sure to call your nearest book store or comic book shop and get your hands on a copy of this great hardcover today!

We’ll be back!


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