A fan theory why ROBERT PATRICK will be announced for “TERMINATOR 6”!

Earlier today, Skydance excitingly teased fans with Terminator 6 news.  They posted an image of James Cameron on their social media pages along with the following comment: “Something big is coming. #Terminator”.   Now to most Terminator fans, exactly what this T6 related big announcement Skydance will be making remains a mystery.  However, one loyal member of our Terminator Army feels he may have just “cracked the code” and figured out what Skydance’s big reveal will be!

Let’s start with reviewing Skydance’s social media announcement made on Twitter earlier today:

Now let’s take a look at what Michael from our Army just shared with us just a little while ago:

“I cracked the code! I know what Skydance’s big news will be. Robert Patrick is joining the cast! Look at this

Robert’s wife Barbara liked Skydance’s tweet!  I never saw her like anything from Skydance before! I am telling you she already knows! She knows what Skydance is tweeting about! Robert must be coming back maybe as the T1000!”

Now we don’t usually subscribe to tinfoil hat conspiracies, yet Michael’s theory on its surface appears more sound than most.

Is this fan theory legit?  Does Robert Patrick’s wife Barbara already know what Skydance’s big announcement is going to be (because it’s about her husband joining the cast) and that is why she liked the tweet?  Or is this just simply Barbara supporting a tweet about a new Terminator film?

Either way, we will all find out soon enough.  Thanks again to Michael for sharing his theory!

We’ll be back!


3 thoughts on “A fan theory why ROBERT PATRICK will be announced for “TERMINATOR 6”!”

  1. I don’t need about Robert Patrick again! Because same and same, he is end. He can back T6 as Cameo. T-800 VS new evil machine.


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