“T2029” the Proposed “TERMINATOR 2” Board Game has been Cancelled.

With sadness we must report that the gaming company Rule & Make has pulled the plug on their Kickstarter project T2029 an official “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” board game. While support was robust in the beginning, it seems the gaming company felt they were not going to achieve 100% funding in the allotted time to get this exciting Terminator tabletop game made.

Here is a portion of their official cancellation statement:

“We would like to thank everyone for your belief and support for the project. After much discussion and consultation with our project partners, we have decided to cancel the project. Cancellation will give the team the time to address the feedback we have received and further improve the game.

For those new to Kickstarter, no funds will be charged once the campaign is cancelled for anyone who backed this project.

Over the past 18 days, we have received a lot of feedback from the community and we have taken all of them to heart. We are committed to bringing this project to reality and plan to address all the community’s suggestions. We will have more information about the project Monday, 15th January 2018.”

So it appears Rule & Make is aiming to try again next year, with changes made to their T2 game based on feedback they received from the gaming community. We wish them luck.

We’ll be back.


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