Arnold doesn’t “give a sh*t” if they hate him calling the next film ‘TERMINATOR 6’!

We here at Skynet’s Army clearly understand that when the sixth film of the Terminator franchise is released in July of 2019, the title of the film will most assuredly not be “Terminator 6”. We are already aware that the next Terminator movie will be a direct sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, but considering there is already a Terminator 3 in the non-Cameron Terminator film universe, calling it T3 would most likely create confusion among fans (and especially among moviegoers that are more casual in their fandom.) So until there is an official title, we just use “Terminator 6” as a placeholder title so everyone knows what film we are referring to. Well apparently actor Arnold Schwarzenegger agrees with this sentiment, even though others around him like James Cameron may not.

When talking to Metro about his latest film “Killing Gunther”, Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about the new upcoming Terminator film and revealed that he doesn’t care if James Cameron… or anyone else for that matter… doesn’t want Arnold to refer to the sixth Terminator film as “Terminator 6.”

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: “It’s really great to have a number 6. They hate calling it number 6 by the way. I don’t give a shit. They keep telling me, ‘Stop it. Don’t call it number 6 because it is going to destroy the franchise. You are fucking everything up Arnold.’ I can hear it already. But the press writes number 6 anyway if they like it or not. Which I think is really funny.”

To believe that referring to the next film as ‘Terminator 6’ will “destroy the franchise” seems a little extreme.  However, it is our feeling that if James Cameron, Tim Miller and Skydance really wants Arnold Schwarzenegger and the media to stop calling the sixth Terminator film “Terminator 6”, they should release the official title already, and that will solve everything. 

We’ll be back.


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