The remastered “TERMINATOR 2” Endo Arm Set is delayed until March 2018!

Well, the hits just keep on coming.  Last week we reported that the 3D/4K Blu-ray release of the remastered “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, originally slated for the first week of October, was postponed until December (reported HERE).  Well now we have received word that the T2 Endo Arm Special Edition release won’t be coming out now until March of 2018. That’s right, a whole six months later than its initial announced release date.

Fellow Army member Alexander first broke the news to us.  He pre-ordered the “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Endo Arm Special Edition” through the UK based Zavvi and was greeted with this crushing date when he went to check on his pre-order today:


Visible to all that pre-ordered it, according to Zavvi, the new release date has been scheduled for the 26th of March, 2018.

While we have no official word on how this impacts other T2 in 3D Endo Arm sets in different countries like the Lionsgate 4K version coming to the U.S., since the Endo Arms all come from the same manufacturing plant, we assume all of the Endo Arm sets will be postponed until March 2018 as well.

While manufacturing problems may be the cause of the delay for the Endo Arm, that still can’t account for the single discs being delayed from October to December nor stop this entire release from feeling embarrassingly mishandled.

We’ll be back.

Thanks again to Alexander!


5 thoughts on “The remastered “TERMINATOR 2” Endo Arm Set is delayed until March 2018!”

  1. That’s what use get for not showing up to the theatre screenings, sure some of us did, and while there wasn’t a lot of promotion, but it does suck knowing that Top Gun’s 3D rerelease in the USA ranked in more grosses then T2 3D’s release and Top Gun didn’t have marketing budget ether , so for those of you that sat out and thought hey ill just wait for the blu ray , that’s what happens .


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