Moto-Terminators might become a reality with the introduction of the Motobot!

In the 2009 film “Terminator Salvation”, audiences were introduced to a post-apocalyptic world where automated motorcycles called Moto-Terminators ruled the highways. Created and manufactured by Skynet sometime before 2018, their main function was to hunt and destroy human survivors that were still using the roads once created by civilized society. It was an interesting addition to the Terminator science fiction universe, that suddenly doesn’t feel very fictional anymore, due to Yamaha’s new project: The Motobot.

The Motobot, created by the Yamaha Corporation, is a humanoid robot that unlike a lot of autonomous vehicles, is a robot that rides a normal motorcycle that has been unmodified for autonomous use. That means the Motobot can technically ride any motorcycle built for human use. 
Made out of carbon-fiber shell, the Motobot is an incredibly lightweight rider, weighing in only at 99 pounds!  That light weight will give the Motobot an advantage if there is ever a machine uprising and needs to chase and hunt humans down on the highways.

The Motobot still needs improvements however. The robot isn’t able to shift it’s weight much and work the bike with its body, which is a stark contrast from what professional riders do. 

Check out the Motobot in action in this short video:

Don’t worry Terminator fans, the streets are still safe… for now.

We’ll be back.

Thanks to Datan0de for the tip.


2 thoughts on “Moto-Terminators might become a reality with the introduction of the Motobot!”

  1. Brother Arnold is present this project I saw him from 4 years Japanese Yamaha company produced a motorcycle without a passenger going and if you are with it going by the site and does not jump and does not kill any human to an accident


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