About us

Hello Internet! We are Sky Net’s Army. Our goal is to take over the world. Just kidding, or not…

Actually we’re just a couple starting this website as a hobby, something fun to do in our spare time. Since the two of us coming from different backgrounds, spheres of life, and interests, we believe we can cover a vast spectrum of different topics and provide quite a bit of fun content for our readers. So, anything goes here… Things we find fun/interesting, news, products we use, or generally just random “internet stuff”.

Some of the things you can expect to find here

Web Hosting / SEO / Internet Marketing – One of us has quite a bit of background on all of these topics. We will share experiences, things learned, guides, and tutorials on this stuff. Knowledge acquired over 7 years working as a sys admin, hosting support agent, and part-time internet marketeer and freelancer. Plenty of ground to cover here. Web hosting general info, website optimization, basic and more advanced ON and OFF-PAGE SEO methods, website monetization, freelancing guides, and so much more.

Writing – With over three years of experience working as a freelance writer plenty of knowledge on this subject has been gathered too. DOs and DON’Ts, how to properly research a given subject, how to deal with clients, how to get recurring income with returning clients, etc.

Internet Stuff – Both of us spend a lot of time on the internet. Both because of our work and for fun. So, we will write about the things we find and see online, things that are interesting to us. You will find a lot of subjective opinions and thoughts here. It is a personal type of blog after all.

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