If you are new to online dating and want to learn how it all functions, then stay with us. We’ll provide you with all kinds of information on online gay dating. Need a partner or just a friend? Then learn how to engage yourself in online dating with FabGuys.


Suffice to say, today’s way of life has created new lifestyles and new ways of approaching anything. And when we speak about dating, meeting new people or even finding love, the new fast-paced life centered on the internet has affected this part of our lives quite significantly. These are the days when online dating is highly popular and for some, the most effective way of finding partners. There are so many popular dating websites where people easily meet each other, find partners, love, or physical gratification, whatever their preferences are. But what we’re interested in are dating websites for gay men. Of course, there are many popular dating websites that started including members of the gay community as well, but what is even better and more efficient, are dating sites specifically for gay men; this is where all the fun begins.

Finding a partner is already challenging as it involves a lot of ‘hunting’, wooing, and all kinds of other stuff. And this can be a bit more challenging for gay men who have just started to gain their rightful place in society. Until recently, with not too many other options available, the only access to online dating was the regular straight dating websites. But today, everything is much easier with online gay dating websites that enable gay guys to easily find matching partners without worrying whether they’ve hit on a straight guy. There are no such kinds of mistakes on gay dating apps, as only gays are available. Quite a relief, ha? Well, there is so much to online dating to learn about and so many steps to take in order to get what’s on your list when it comes to finding a partner. Let’s go one step at the time.

The Most Important Rule of Online Dating – Safety Precaution

If you don’t know this already, engrave it in your mind: safety comes first. Online gay dating, as well as straight or any other kind, is a fun, exciting, and overall great thing for us today, but what is important to keep in mind is safety. Still, we meet new people who are strangers at first so a little bit of safety measures employed is a big part of doing everything right in the world of online dating. First of all, you yourself are responsible for your own safety so it’s always up to you whether you’ll play smart. There are several things to keep in mind when meeting new guys.

– first and foremost, when you think you like a guy you’re texting with, give it some time, don’t exchange your personal information like your address or workplace and similar.

– secondly, don’t think that with just a few exchanged chat messages you can go to someone’s apartment. Meet in public first and see where it goes from there.

– let your closest friends or family members know when and where you’re going on a date with your online match. Let your people know where you are.

– get to know the person a little bit before you meet, let the trust build up.

– should someone make you uncomfortable and you have doubts, just stop communicating or block the person.

– don’t let your hopes down when you get rejected. That’s a part of online dating and you must not get upset. Met a cute guy but he won’t reply? Move on, there’s someone for you out there, that’s for sure.

If you keep all this in mind, you’re going to have a great time finding the cutest guys online and enrolling in exciting new friendships and a lot more than that.

Your Fabguy Profile Speaks About Yourself

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Fabguys.com homepage screenshot

Creating your profile is probably one of the most important things when starting your journey in online dating. The profile speaks a lot about yourself and is a great part of the first impression. You want to wow a guy? You want to intrigue your potential fab guy? Well, make sure to create a great profile. First of all, what someone sees first when seeing your profile is your picture. The best way is to post a picture that presents yourself the best. Whatever you think your uniqueness or quality is, try to put that in that picture. This is what others will see when chatting with you. Also, it makes sense to post a picture that also represents what you want out of that online dating. If you are serious about finding a partner or soulmate, then show your personality. On the other hand, if you just want some fun no strings attached, that is, you’re interested in the physical, then try to show that. Make them remember you instantly.

The next step is telling people something about yourself. A few words are sometimes enough if these are effective. State your hobbies, your interests, your passion. Make the words paint a picture of you. Also, on your profile, depending on the website, you can state your man type and your specific sexual orientation. Gay, bisexual, TS, TV? Say what men you’re looking to hook up with, make it clear what kind of guys you love. Are you into swinging? Don’t be ashamed, just tell what you’re interested in. Being honest in your profile is the best way of avoiding misunderstandings and overall, being honest about yourself paints a great picture of you.

Finding Friendship, Love, Sexual Gratification?

There’s something for everyone’s taste at online gay dating sites. Whatever your preferences are you can most definitely find your match. Make your own wish list and get into search. Most likely, people will make clear what they’re interested in, which makes it a lot easier to find your own match. If you are a gay guy looking to find another gay guy with a wish to start a relationship, then that’s fine, there’s a lot of guys looking for the same out there. On the other hand, there’s a lot of gay guys looking to find new friends and just have fun. Of course, if you are only interested in physical relationships, you can just as well find your match.

The algorithms of dating apps or sites are usually programmed to find matching guys based on your interests, location, and similar. This makes it a lot easier to narrow down your search. There are many stories of people finding true love online which has ended happily. Also, those interested only in hooking up and satisfying their sexual desires have had a lot off success as well. This is why online dating is great. There’s always someone who will check some if not all wishes from your wish list. All in all, whatever you’re looking for be it love, friendship, fun, or sex, you can most definitely feel free to seek for it and enjoy all the way.

Gay Dating Websites Online – What’s the Best Choice?

Today, the number of dating websites and apps available online is constantly increasing. Therefore, there are hundreds and hundreds of these sites that help people out in finding the partners. Just like we’ve said many of the previously only straight dating websites have started to allow people from the LGBT community to register at their sites or apps. This is fine, but what is an even better solution? Well, quite obviously dating websites created specifically for gay people. This way there cannot be confusion or misunderstandings that may happen at regular dating websites. There are many such websites and apps available online with thousands and thousands of members. One of those sites we’ll discuss in detail now is one of the most popular gay dating websites in the UK. The site in question is, of course, FabGuys.

Fab Guys – What Is This Website About?

FabGuys is a dating website for gay men as well as bisexuals who are looking for partners either for relationships or hookups. The site was created back in 2005 and it is a fast-growing platform featuring thousands of members. The FabGuys website was created by Fab Swingers and just like the name says, it is a community space for swinger couples who are searching for other couples to have fun with. Anyhow, their Fab Guys community space has recently gained high popularity and its community is increasing quite a bit. The website may not have the best looks. It is actually quite simple-looking which is not that distracting as it is quite easy to maneuver through the website thanks to its user-friendly interface. After all, the members are not there for the looks but dating and the offer is fabulous. Just like the Fab Guys say the site is ‘fun, free, and fabulous for gay guys’.

How to Register at Fab Guys – Is It Free of Cost?

Fab Guys is completely free to use as well as free to register. The platform is supported by using small ads which is why the members don’t have to pay anything in order to use the website. To become a Fabguy member and explore the website and its options, you have to register an account. The registering is quite a simple and quick process. Let’s see how it all works.

First of all, when you visit their website you will easily spot the ‘sign in’ button on the Fabguys homepage. Just click on the button to start the process of creating your profile. The first step is entering some of your details such as your username (which should not be your real name), your e-mail address, date of birth, and finally your password as well as stating whether you’re a man, a male couple or TC/TV. After that, the next step is adding some more info for your own profile. The details include stating what you are looking for; either single males, male couples, TC/TV or all. The next section includes some more details for your profile such as sexuality (bisexual, etc.), body type, role; you can even enter the description, that is, the size of your male part if you wish so. Anyhow, the member also needs to enter the first part of their postcode and town which will not be displayed on their profiles but will be used for matching with people in your area.

The registration process is finished with entering a few more details, short bio for your profile, and a list of interests. But most importantly, in order to protect their community from scammers, the website will ask for photo verification. This means that you will have to take a photo of yourself (it doesn’t have to feature your face, just the body to prove you’re male) holding a paper with your username. The photo will not be displayed anywhere on the website or your profile as it is used for verification purposes only. Now that you’ve finished all the steps of registering, it’s time to start the fun and search for new partners.

Although the website is free to use and there are no costs. If you want to unlock some extra options, you will have to pay less than £5 a month. The extras unlocked with becoming a site supporter include extra webcam options or being able to see who has viewed your profile.

How to Use Fab Guys?

This is pretty easy as the options on the website are neatly arranged so everything is right there. First of all, you can view all the guys’ profiles and see what’s there for you. If you want to filter out the members according to the location, just set the country you are from, set the town, and start scrolling through the profiles. Speaking of countries, for now, FabGuys is available for guys from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. This is quite convenient for when you’re traveling and want to meet new people. Let’s say you’re coming from Australia and visiting the UK. You can easily filter out the UK members from, let’s say, London and see who’s up for some fun. The website is compatible with PCs, laptops, as well as smartphones which makes it a lot easier to use on the go. There are also quick links on the sites if you want to see who’s new to the community like new gay guys, new gay couples, as well as who is currently online or active on chat. Like we said is pretty easy to use and once you open the account, you’ll start getting a hang of it pretty quick.

What If You Have Any Issues Using Fab Guys?

Well, this is also well-taken care of as the guys behind the website made sure to make all the important information available for its users. There is an extensive FAQ page available. There you will find all the important and useful information. Also, there are some useful options available for members as well. For example, you can report a person should you find them suspicious, or just block them. There is also the verification option for the members. Mainly, when you verify someone you claim that they are genuine. So let’s say that you’ve chatted with a guy, it all seemed quite promising, then you met and had a great time. Then you can use the verification option and mark this person as genuine which can help other members. Finally, since Fab Guys care about their members there is a list of tips for safe meetings which can help inexperienced members quite a bit and keep them safe.

Should You Use FabGuys Dating Website?

If you are a man and you are gay or bisexual, then why not. This dating website has proven to be quite a place for meeting new people, finding love, or just finding someone to have fun with. Considering its growing popularity and thousands of its satisfied members, it is quite clear that the job is well done and it is completely free to use. Fabguys is a safe environment for meeting new people. Of course, not a single dating website can be 100% safe and free from bad people who are looking to take advantage of the others. But you are the one who should work on protecting yourself and keeping yourself safe on whatever platform you are. This is just the way things are. Keep all the safety rules we’ve talked about above in mind and you will be trouble-free.

Meet the Best Guys Online

Gay dating sites offer a fun environment for guys who want to find partners, lovers, friends, or even just explore their sexuality. This way, instead of sitting home daydreaming of your perfect date, you can easily find your perfect handsome lad. And the great thing is that this is not only for singles, gay couples or bisexual ones, can also be a part of the online gay dating and find what they’re looking for. Swingers? Not a problem, there are a lot of swingers out there looking to hook up with others and just have fun. Just let the apps and sites match you with your compatible and potential date. Make the move and in no time you’ll be having your very first date. Just have fun and enjoy your love life.

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