Top 8 Best Dating Websites Online

The effects of internet technology are more than obvious today. The internet has changed every aspect of our lives and the way we do things from communicating, shopping, learning, making appointments all the way to finding partners.

Of course, this new way of ‘doing’ life has both pros and cons. As it comes to meeting and connecting to people, which is our main topic here, we’ve lost the sense of face-to-face communication and we’ve lost ourselves in the internet world hiding behind our laptops and phones. This is the general and wide-spread opinion or argument meant to attack the effects of the internet on people. But let’s think this through. Even though there’s truth in this, there’s so much more to this new lifestyle.

This new way of life has brought so many opportunities and benefits that we can barely count them all. And this is what we’re going to focus on: the dating opportunities in the new internet era.

Let’s travel a few decades back when the most efficient way of meeting a partner was through our family or friends. In many cases that might have been an embarrassing and awful experience. Oh, and the strenuous act of going to bars trying to meet your soulmate. Of course, we’re all different and for some, all that may be a whole better way of meeting new people. But what we’re offered today is a quicker, easier, and some may say a better way of finding a partner. Yes, we’re talking about online dating.

The most wide-spread way of connecting to people today is via the internet. Let’s just think about what happened when social media started to appear online. This was a great way for us to easily meet and connect to new people. Long before online dating sites and apps came into sight, we were already mixing up the internet and our love lives. Today, there are hundreds of dating sites and apps and each comes with a similar or different take on relationships.

What we are saying is that if you are looking for a serious relationship, sexual gratification, soulmate, or just a friend, you can choose a dating app or site that suits your needs the most. There’s so much to choose from and we have done the work for you by hand-picking some of the best dating websites in the UK.

1. eHarmony

eHarmony is a popular dating website that focuses on matching people for long-lasting serious relationships. So if you wish to find your soulmate this dating website is just the thing for you. It uses advanced algorithms to match people. More precisely, it uses a compatibility matching system based on 29 dimensions of compatibility. What you have to do is register at their website and complete the questionnaire. After that, all is left is to wait for them to send you compatible matches, that is, your potential partners. eHarmony also offers a lot of help when it comes to relationships, meeting people or communicating so if you have some weak spots when it comes to meeting people then you can easily work on that and prepare for meeting your partner. All in all, they got you covered.

2. Happn

Happn is a dating app that functions in quite an interesting way and definitely can help those shy people who just have no courage to approach someone they saw in the street, a bar or wherever they are. Well, this is where Happn can help you out. Basically, this app uses your location (not the precise one though) and match you with someone who’s nearby. They also get the notification and if you’re lucky enough and the two of you match then the conversation may start. If you are a believer in love at first sight, then this app may be just the one for you.

3. FabGuys

Although many dating websites accept people of different sexual orientations, that is, members of the LGBT community, the best option is to a choose dating website created specifically for gay people. One of these is Fab Guys which has become quite popular recently and features thousands of users. This dating website was released back in 2005 and is focused on guy dating which makes it a lot easier for guy community to find partners either for serious relationships or hookups. The website is quite easy to use. Just specify what you’re looking for (guys, bisexuals, or transsexuals for example) and see where the website will take you. If you are a fabguy then this dating website can be your personal gaydar. We should also mention another part of the Fab Guys website, that is, their other community: FabSwingers. Just like the name suggests, Fab Swingers is a website for swingers so if you and your partner like to spice things up, then this site is a perfect choice for you.

4. Grindr

Grindr is another gay dating website just like Fabguys. It is a dating app for gays as well as bisexuals and trans men looking for partners. It has millions of users and it is a great way of easily meeting guys in your area. It is perfect for casual chatting, meeting new people, and of course, developing something much more than just friendships. Many Grindr users have met their soulmates thanks to this LGBT platform. If you are still not out of the closet you can always create your Grindr profile and just start embracing yourself by meeting new people and possibly your new lovers.

5. Tinder

We probably don’t even need to introduce this dating app as it is one of the most popular ones out there. It was released back in 2012 and since then it has reached so much popularity among people worldwide (it is now available in more than 190 countries around the world). The word spreading about the Tinder dating app is that it is more used for hookups than real love relationships. But that’s not entirely true. According to surveys, it is said that more than 40% of Tinder users use the app to find real serious relationships. So with this app too you have real chances of finding your soulmate as well as regular hookups if you wish so. If you’ve ever heard of ‘swiping’ (which you’ve most likely had) then you know the term origins from Tinder. And how it actually functions? Well, it’s quite simple which is why Tinder became one of the most popular and well-known dating apps. Just swipe left on someone’s pic if you feel the attraction and want to get to know the person or swipe right if the opposite is the case. As simple as that. If the person you swiped left also likes you too then you can start chatting and see where it goes from that.

6. Bumble

This dating app is similar to Tinder and it is actually created by one of Tinder’s co-founder. But what is the main difference is that this dating app gives all the power to women. Don’t take us the wrong way if you are a guy. The thing is that Bumble lets women be the ones to start the conversation first. So all the ‘pressure’ is on the ladies in a way. So it’s the ladies here who will take the first step and approach the guy. Basically, when there is a match and the woman likes the guy and messages him, then he has 24h to reply. If he doesn’t reply, well then the opportunity is missed and the search continues just like everywhere else. After all, finding a soulmate isn’t always such an easy job.

7. Silver Singles

Not only young people seek for love and relationships. Our senior citizens also deserve love life and this is why they can easily find partners via dating sites, as well. Silver Singles is a dating website for people single people over 50.

8. Adultfrinder

This dating website is a bit different than the ones we’ve mentioned above. Adult Friend Finder is perfect for hookups. Those of you want to get a bit more physical rather than engage in emotional relationships should check Adultfrinder. Of course, you can also seek relationships here, but generally, this website is more known for hookups. It’s easy to use and upon registering you will be filling in the special questionnaire where you get to enter your information such as gender, sexual orientation, what you’re looking for (relationship, hookups, sexual gratification, etc.). Adultfrinder has millions of users from around the world so you have a lot of great chances of finding what you’re looking for.

A Quick Conclusion About The World Of Online Dating

Finding a partner or just meeting new people may be a problem for many of us. But with so many dating websites available online for us, we have vast opportunities for finding partners. It has never been so easy as it is today. It is all available online. Whether you are looking for serious relationships, casual sex, hookups, or just new friends you can find your match thanks to online dating websites and apps. Whether you are a love or fun seeker, dating online got you covered. The opportunities are never-ending.

This is why we said that with the internet we have stepped into a new era. Whatever you need you can find online, even your soulmate or lover. Isn’t that just great? It makes the whole process of connecting to people much easier than it actually is which is the greatest part of it. This is especially beneficial for shy people or introverts who have great troubles with approaching new people. With online dating, everything becomes more casual, and the process of love finding gets more easier and approachable. The new era, right?

Since we’ve mentioned the vastness of opportunities for finding partners or fun or just satisfying your desires, there are other areas of the internet that you can explore when it comes to this subject. Those more open-minded and easygoing who are looking to have a bit more fun can enter the world of online webcam websites such as Chatterbatte. All in all, online dating is a rich topic and this is only a short introduction. Therefore, you can expect to find a lot more here including detailed reviews of many dating websites, dating-related articles, and a lot more. So stay tuned.

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